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An Open Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

When I was little, you were my world. I followed you around and wanted to be with you all the time.

I remembered every time I got hurt, I would always cry out for you. Mommy was definitely my favorite word. Then I went on to start school. Everything I did in class was all for you. I wanted you to be proud of me. And when you pick me up at the end of the day, it made me so happy to see your face and feel your hug.

Time flew and then I became a teen. I don’t know when it started. But I started pulling away. I started keeping secrets from you and disobeying your rules. When I make a mistake and you ask me about it, I would lie to your face. And I know that you knew I was lying. But you’ve always accepted my answers and just nodded. You still cover for me when I mess up so dad won’t find out. You stood by my side no matter how much I disappointed you both.

I got older and went away to college. My disobedience got worse. I hid more secrets and lied more. I’d spend my allowance that was good for a week in 2 days and just say I needed more money for a project. I’d come home late and go on trips with friends without telling you about it. But even through all of that, you still had the biggest smile every time you see me. You always try your hardest to see me during weekends. You provided me with anything that I needed. All you asked in return was that I do well in school. Something I didn’t even do. I failed medical school and had to move to another city. I fought so hard against it that I actually talked back to you. It was the first time I saw you cry because I hurt you with my words. It was one of the things I regretted so much. And I didn’t even said sorry back then. In the end, you still paid for my studies and you would fly to come see me every month. And again, your face would still always light up when you see me.

I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve wronged you. I’m sorry for lying to you and talking back to you. I’m sorry for not understanding where you’re coming from and making you the bad guy. I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and for disappointing you. I’m sorry for everything mom.

I want you to know that I do feel the love you have for me mom. I felt it in the way you’d hold my hand when I was younger. I felt it when you cook dinner for the family. I felt it when you send me money for my tuition. I felt it when you cry tears of joy every time you see me achieve something. I felt it when I walked down the aisle during my wedding day and you hugged me so tight. And I felt it when you held my hand when I was giving birth to your granddaughter. I feel it all mom. And I never appreciated that before but I want to make it up for all of the times I haven’t.

You are my definition of a superwoman. You took care of me and siblings full-time when we were babies. Then went back to working 6 days a week in 3 different hospitals just so we could become whoever we wanted to be. Even after when you got sick before and had to undergo operations, you still showed us how strong you are. You have sacrificed so much for all of us and have supported us fulfilling our dreams. And you have never asked for anything in return. Seeing us succeed is all you have ever wanted. And we will mom. Because we have you and dad backing us up. You’ve helped us build our foundations. And you did a great job raising us all.

Now that I have my own child to take care of, I just hope that I will be at least half the woman that you are. You are my inspiration and hero. I love you so much Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day 💕

Much love,

-Mina 💕

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