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5 Ways to Appreciate Universal Studios with a Sassy Toddler

“May your coffee be stronger than your toddler.”

Last Mother’s Day we went to Universal Studios to celebrate. The last time we went and brought little Aria was when she was still 9 months old. So a lot has definitely changed in the way are dealing with her.

With all the running, screaming, saying “no” to most questions, and just being an overall sassy toddler, it has become a tiresome event to go to amusement parks. And since it’s a very special day, there’s the added stress of having so many people in the area. So how do we, as parents, also get to have fun when you’re with your little ones? Here’s my take on savoring Universal Studios with a sassy toddler.

1. Child Switch Rooms

Take advantage of the child switch rooms which are located in each of their attractions. Just ask any personnel where it’s located. One of us stayed with the little one at the room while the other lined up for Single Riders since it’s faster. When you exit the ride, approach any staff member to give you passes for child switch and they’ll give you one that’s good for 2 people. This means they’ll be using the Express line. This will be good to use at attractions where your kids can’t ride with you. You’ll get to have fun too!

For a list of attractions with minimum height requirements, click here: Universal Studios Hollywood Height Requirements

2. Studio Tour

You might have read some posts about having a height requirement when riding here but it’s actually not true. There is no age limit or height requirements for the World-Famour Studio Tour. This one is such a fun experience so definitely line up for this one! The ride takes about an hour so be sure to eat first or go to the bathroom beforehand (cause we know how cranky they get when they’re hungry or wet!). Lining up for it also doesn’t take too long even when there’s a lot of people. It also offers studio tours in Spanish and Mandarin. You just have to check what time it’s available.

Hot Tip: Most of the sites they point out to is on the Left side of the cart. So make sure to sit on that side for better photos!

3. Let them entertain themselves

Bring a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, and an extra set of clothes. There are a lot of water features here in Universal Studios. Even just at the City Walk, there’s already a splash pad. This is perfect for those who don’t want to purchase tickets and just hang out outside. The one located inside the park, however, is at Super Silly Fun Land. They have splash areas and slides. I know, I know. How is this fun for us? Well, it’s a very safe area to let your kids run around and play for a bit while you rest your feet after hours of walking around. Sure it will be a lot of work changing them afterwards, but what’s a few minutes of peace worth anyways. They usually turn it on when it’s 70°F and above so just check the weather or call ahead for the availability.

4. Watch shows

There are plenty of shows where you can bring your kids to. There’s the Universal’s Animal Actors which is best for smaller kids. This is when you get to see cats, dogs, or birds up close. Try to line up earlier so you can get better seats closer to the front. They also have the Special Effects Show but it’s slightly loud and scary for the little ones. Just remind them that the stunts are done by professionals and should not be copied or they might hurt themselves. It’s fun for us parents though. It’s quite interesting to see how they do most special effects, sounds, and lighting in shows or movies. Lastly, there’s Waterworld. A definite must-see in my opinion. The cast are so talented and entertaining. You might get wet though, depending on where you are seated. Also warn your kiddo that there’s a lot of loud noises and explosives.

Hot Tip: If you do want to get wet, line up early and try to get seats found in the Middle fronting the stage. Sit within the first 5 seats. You’ll definitely get soaked!

5. Play together

Super Silly Fun Land and The Simpsons actually have carnival games fun for both young and young at heart. This is a perfect bonding time with your little one and to get an adorable souvenir! Aria loves unicorns so we tried winning her the big fluffy ones that Agnes has in Despicable Me. Alas, we weren’t so lucky. Although, she didn’t care so much about it when she got distracted, which happens pretty often.

“Our children are our greatest adventure.”

So that’s it! My 5 ways to appreciate Universal Studios with a sassy toddler. Enjoy the moments when they’re little and have fun with them. They only stay little for a while.

Want to add on to our list? Leave a comment below!

Much love,

-Mina 💕

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