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Trendy Thursdays: Ruffles and Jumpsuits

“If you like it, wear it.”

I’ve always been in love with jumpsuits. There’s an elegance and sophistication to it when you see someone wearing one.

In the past, however, I stayed away from it since I’ve always thought I wouldn’t look good in it. Being a tiny person of 5’2″, it became an unspoken (or was it spoken..?) rule that short women shouldn’t wear clothing that are basically maxi. It apparently makes you look shorter.

As time passed, however, the old rules have been tossed and individuality have been more accepted. Each and every one of us have our own style that is unique. So yes I’ve decided to just wear what looks good on me.




I got this jumpsuit at Francesca’s at Las Vegas Town Square. They have so much nice outfits to choose from. I usually go to the Clearance sale right away (lol) cause they still have really great items for way cheaper prices! This, however, was on sale for 60% off and I just had to have it. They usually have sales and promos every now and then.

The thing I love about their clothes is that, aside from having up-to-date styles, their quality is still pretty good and it’s comfortable to wear. And their customer service is the best! I’ve been to 3 of their shops and all of their staff have been nothing but amazing. They help you out with fitting the clothes and they tell you about their deals right away. Definitely no regrets buying from this shop.

See their latest promos here: Deals of the Week

What do you think of jumpsuits? Leave a comment!

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or paid for. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the company in any way.

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