Hip Hop Yoga + Mimosas

“You are one yoga class away from a good mood.”

Yes you read that correctly. Hip Hop Yoga. I was able to join the “Hips Don’t Lie” session last June 3, 2018 at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.

It was held at their Crimson Lounge. Sounds like fun? Well that’s where you’re absolutely right!

This class is hosted by The Refined Agency. They are a group of amazing women who specializes in social media management, event planning, and influencer collaborations. They have been organizing a lot of events in the past and it’s great to be able to join one of them.

This specific class is taught by Heidi Otero and let me tell you she’s amazing. Her teaching method is very interactive and so much fun. Together with DJ Silla Torres, who played Latin-infused beats, they both created a great space for participants to just let go and enjoy usual yoga positions with an added twist.

Hip Hop Yoga basically involves your basic yoga poses with the added hip hop dance moves incorporated into it. It helps you build and stretch those muscles while also having fun with it.

Right after the session, we moved the party to Libre Mexican Cantina for some $5 mimosas! And it’s just for those who participated in the Hips Don’t Lie event. How awesome is that?

Their mimosas are so good. I can’t stop sipping. So for those who drive, be careful with these beauties. They’re tiny but mighty. Oh and Libre has free chips and salsa for every order. And that salsa dip is just bomb! I seriously want to just take it home.

So overall, it was a great new experience for me. I believe this is a great way to create networks with other people who also love doing the same thing.

For future events, you should follow @therefinedagency on Instagram so you can be updated. I believe they have the Hip Hop Yoga classes every month. And watch out for discounts and promotions. Like for this event, they offered a 50% off for those who go to UNLV.

Yoga + Hip Hop + Mimosas? Yes please!

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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