Carl’s Donuts Tasting Event with 411 Mommas

“The only circle of trust you need is a DONUT.”

Short history lesson, Carl’s Donuts has been in Las Vegas since 1966. They’ve been a staple doughnut place ever since.

However, they then started focusing on wholesale which is why they’ve closed shop approximately 20 years ago. Last April 18, they’ve finally gotten back into selling retail donuts and reopened shop.

Now, 411 Mommas is a community of amazing mamas who gives inspiration and support to each other. They’ve been hosting events and mama meet ups for years now. It’s a great way to meet other mamas and bloggers/vloggers.

So 411 Mommas was able to create an event hosted by Carl’s Donuts last June 6, 2018. The inside looks very modern and clean but still have that homey feel. It has a classic doughnut shop vibe to it with its white tiled walls and black and white tiled floors. It’s very spacious, I could tell cause the kids had a lot of space to run around even with all the people in it.

Their donuts are great tasting. You can taste the decades of expertise in each bite. They have definitely perfected their donuts. Even with new flavors added to the classics tastes really good. I love how chewy and thick their donuts are. I mean, who likes airy donuts anyway? As for the prices, they’re very reasonable for the quality you’re getting. Basically here’s a general idea of the prices from their Assorted Donuts:

  • Single Donut: $1.00
  • 1/2 Dozen: $5.50
  • 1 Dozen: $9.00

Aside from donuts, they also serve other pastries such as Danish, Turnovers, Croissants, Tarts, Cookies, and so much more! Oh and their coffee is tasteful and strong. None of those watered down drinks. They are currently serving Stumptown coffee products. It ranges from cold brews to lattes and espressos. They also have juices and water for your little ones. Miss Aria loves their strawberry milk so much.

They have bathrooms for guys and girls, which are very clean. Also, their boxes for take outs are simple brown boxes with their logo on it. I love how it’s so environmentally friendly. It’s always a great idea to support the eco-system guys! And lastly, the staff and the owners (which are the grandchildren of Carl himself) are so sweet and nice. They’re very approachable and always has a smile on their faces. The atmosphere is just so welcoming in Carl’s Donuts. It’s definitely a place where you can create memories with your family.

They are open every day from 6a.m. until 2p.m. Check out their Instagram for amazing donut photos! @carlsdonutslv

And for more awesome events such as this, go follow @411mommas on Instagram. Check out their FB group as well for exclusive invites (located on their bio).

Oh btw. Here’s a donut wall for you. So Instagrammable right? It’s like merging the classic doughnut shops and the chic decorations.

Have you tried Carl’s Donut shop yet? What’s your favorite donut? Leave a comment!

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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