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Cafe 86 is finally in Las Vegas

Cafe 86 is an independent tea and coffee company that specializes in Filipino desserts with a twist. They started out in California, where they currently operate in 3 locations: Chino, Pasadena, and Artesia. And they recently opened in Las Vegas which excited the hell out of me for months!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved ube. So when I’ve heard about the ube craze that took the nation by storm, I was so happy. Moving to the US was such a big adjustment but having ube desserts around would definitely take the edge off. 😅

I first heard about Cafe 86 on Instagram. I was looking for dessert places in LA and I saw all the ube cupcake photos. I have been obsessed with it for months! Sadly, I’ve never tried their goodies.. until now! And here in Las Vegas no less. So bummed I wasn’t able to go to their grand opening since we were on the road at the time. But the moment we came home, I immediately headed straight for it.

The place has a grungy, worn-out decor going on, from the brick walls to the metal chairs they use and their reconstructed furniture. It’s a refreshing change from all the rustic designs today (although I’m still in love with the rustic chic look).

Let’s talk Halo-Halo. This has been a staple dessert for Filipinos especially during the hot days. Which is basically all-year long when it’s not typhoon season. Lol. Halo-Halo just literally means “mixed”. So in the literal sense, you can put anything in it. But of course there’s a basic list of ingredients. I’m all for most of the ingredients but I’ve never been fond of the beans in it (sorry not sorry). So in my opinion, I love Cafe 86’s halo-halo version. They don’t have beans in it and it’s so abundant with creamy milk and gelatinous goodies. And honestly, their ube ice cream is really bomb. You can really taste actual ube and not just synthetic flavor. It’s also very creamy. It’s so refreshing. Especially with the Vegas heat right now.

Their ube flan cupcakes are what you see all over social media. The cupcake itself is very soft and moist. The ube flavor is authentic and natural. The flan on top of it is very creamy but not too sweet. Which I really like. It goes really well together. I can understand why it’s such a best seller.

Aside from their many dessert choices such as thai tea and match bars, and halo-halo bread pudding; they also have milk teas, iced teas, loose leaf teas, espressos, milkshakes and slushies, lattes, sandwiches, etc. And for entertainment, they have a huge Jenga set. Perfect for big groups.

Cafe 86 is located at 5697 S Jones Blvd in Spring Valley. They’re open Monday till Sunday from 11AM. And if you check in on Yelp, you get 1 free Hibiscus Cooler.

Much love,

-Mina 💕

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