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Trendy Thursdays: Romper Maxi Dresses

One of my new favorite outfits in my closet would have to be these maxi romper dresses.

Floral dresses are perfect for the summer heat. And this dress makes the Vegas heat bearable since it’s very light and there’s so much room for breathing space.

The maxi dress looks very elegant and flowy. And the romper makes it more comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about making sure the whole time that you’re not showing your goodies.

I got this from Trixxi Clothing Company and it has become one of my favorite outfits lately. It’s great for classy (without the print) or casual events. They have a great selection of dresses and rompers. Definitely go check them out.

So the top part is slightly difficult to tie on the back since it makes you rely on someone else to tie it for you. I got this in size Small but it’s still surprisingly loose on the top. I suppose it’s better to go a size lower than what you’re used to.

The quality of the clothing is actually pretty good. It’s pretty sturdy. Also, it’s machine washable and the color stays the same.

Overall, it’s a great buy and I’d probably start looking for other romper maxi dresses. It’s a really beautiful design.

What do you think of this outfit design? Tell me about it and leave a comment!

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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