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High Tea at Café Lola

If you’re living in Las Vegas and very active on Instagram, then you’ve probably heard of Café Lola.

Café Lola is a European-style cafe with white walls, pink accents, and fresh flowers. It’s a perfect place for your social media photos. The first thing I would think of to describe this cafe is that it’s very girly and chic. It’s like when you go there, you’d want to dress well.

How perfect is it that my first visit was during their High Tea event last July 24th. It is basically a tea tasting event where they introduced their new flavored teas that are all being added to their menu. We were encouraged to dress appropriately. Not that we ever need an excuse to be fancy and dress cute. But any time us girls get a chance to, we’d take it. Lol.

So they started us with their signature Rosé and it was deliciously sweet. Then they proceeded with placing a tray of goodies consisting of their signature dishes such as their infamous Egg & Olive toast and vegan donut. This is only two out of the 7 treats they prepared. By the end of the tea tasting, I was so full. I even had leftovers for take out!

The tea tasting was done by an Art of Tea sommelier. Art of Tea hand blends the world’s finest organic tea, all handpicked carefully and directly from the growers.

They gave us 5 different flavors to taste test.

  1. The first one we had was my favorite one which is the White Coconut Cream tea. It’s very smooth and creamy. I love how it isn’t too sweet and how you can really taste the coconut in every sip. It goes really well with their Pasteis De Nata (which is like a Portuguese egg tart).
  2. The next one is their Jasmine Reserve. Also a really good choice of tea. It has a slightly more floral and grassy taste. It’s even less sweet than the first one and tastes well with their toasts.
  3. Third would be the Rose Oolong tea. With this particular sample, you can relly smell the roses incorporated within the tea. This especially goes with their Rose Macaroon which is absolutely the best. This is a definite must-try.
  4. Next is the London Earl Grey tea. This one has a very strong, bold taste with a hint of citrus. This one is not sweet at all but still very flavorful. Perfect with Café Lola’s lemon tart.
  5. Lastly, we have the White Berry Truffle which they called a dessert tea. This one is the sweetest of all the teas we’ve tasted. They paired this with their Lemon Berry Loaf and Vegan Donut. Which I guess why they saved it for last.

There you have it! 5 great tasting teas recently added to Café Lola’s menu. Which one are you excited to try out?

Café Lola is located at 4280 S Hualapai Way Ste #109. They are open Mondays till Saturday from 7am to 7pm, and up to 3pm on Sundays. Head on over to their store to see and taste for yourself all their delicious delicacies!

Much love,

-Mina 💕

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