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Pili Ani: Luxury Skin Care

I’ve recently been invited to an exclusive event at Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino by Pili Ani and I had the best time with fellow Las Vegas influencers.

What exactly is Pili Ani? Pili Ani is a luxurious skin care brand from the Philippines. I believe this is the first ever Filipino skin care line to arrive in the US, which is a very big deal if you ask me.

Pili Ani started in Bicol, Philippines where you can find the Pili Tree. They found great treasures inside the tree’s bark and pulp. They were able to extract rare oils that helps nourish your skin. Thus, after over a decade of studies and research, the founder, Rosalina Tan, finally introduced Pili Ani to the world.

The event was held at one of Cosmopolitan’s penthouse suites. The place was designed so beautifully. There were free facials and massages available, along with light bites and beverages. I had a couple glasses of Rosé of course. May have had one too many. Lol.

Pili Ani’s US partners, Anna and Faith, are such sweethearts. They were very welcoming and offered us to try their free samples of their products. I tried their Beauty Elixir Facial Milk Serum and Intense Hydrating Facial Oil. It changed my life.

These are probably their two best selling products and it shows. One application makes your skin so smooth, especially the milk serum. It acts as an anti-aging serum that has collagen which helps tighten and make your skin firm and supple.

The facial oil keeps you moisturized without that sticky oily feeling. And with the dry heat these days, we definitely need all the moisturizing we can get.

I’ve tried putting it on at night and when I woke up in the morning, you can still feel the smoothness of your skin. It’s great to put on twice a day after washing your face. You can even use it under your makeup. I am definitely impressed with this skin care line. And it makes me so proud that something this amazing was made in the Philippines and is being used all over the world.

And the best part? Pili Ani has been giving back to those in need. They have been providing jobs for a lot of poor families in the Philippines, giving them a better life. They also have a literacy program where they provide scholarships for the children of their workers, and also provide trainings to improve skills and encourage sustainability.

Being a Filipino, I am very honored to have been part of an event like this and to be able to share an amazing Filipino product with everyone who reads this blog and follows me on social media. It’s definitely something to be proud of.

Check out more of their products on their website at ❤️

Much love,

-Mina 💕

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or paid for. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the company in any way.

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