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Mixtiles Review

I have always loved the idea of personalizing you house with lots of family photos and memorabilia. For me, that’s what makes a home.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to have been given complimentary frames from Mixtiles.

Mixtiles are 8 x 8 photo tiles that you can stick and restick on your walls without damaging it. So what you do is just download their app and pick out photos from your gallery. It’s so easy to use and if your photo quality is good, then your tiles come out good too!

What I did was use photos that we did with a professional photographer so I know the quality would be really good. Then I send the photos to my email and downloaded it to my phone. That’s what I used to upload to the Mixtiles app.

I’m glad I did that cause my tiles came out really well! Here are samples of my gorgeous photo tiles:

I guess my only problem with the tiles is that it doesn’t stick well to certain type of walls so I had to reinforce it with our tapes. But overall, I’m still very happy how everything turned out.

Our Mixtiles photo tiles definitely made our house into a home.

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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