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Sweet Tomatoes Experience + GIVEAWAY

Eat healthy without compromising the flavor. I’ve always loved going to Soup Plantation in California. And when I was given complimentary meal passes to Sweet Tomatoes here in Las Vegas, of course we just had to go!

Soup Plantation started in 1978 in San Diego, California. It is a restaurant that provides you with endless possibilities of eating healthy with their salad and soup buffet. There are so much healthy options to choose from. You can create your own salads or have some of their delicious mixes.

I’m obsessed with their homemade sauces. They have so many vegetables to choose from and they’re all very fresh. In all the times that I’ve eaten here, they always have the freshest produce available. And their soups are to die for. They have so many flavors to choose from. My all-time favorite would have to be their Chicken Noodle Soup. Along with their soup, they also have a bit of pasta next to it. They also have desserts for those who love their sweets. Some freshly baked cookies and brownies, and soft serve ice cream.

Here are a few photos that basically sums up our experience.

Our overall experience was really enjoyable thanks to the staff of Sweet Tomatoes. They were all so friendly and helpful. They always come to your table with a smile. Definitely first class service.

And thanks to Sweet Tomatoes, I can share my experience with you guys! I am giving away 2 FREE complimentary meal passes. Just follow my Instagram account: @vividlymina and enter through my “sweet tomatoes” post.

Sweet Tomatoes has two locations in Las Vegas. They are open 11am to 9pm on weekdays and up to 10pm on weekends.

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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