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Operation Santa’s Workshop is here!

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time.”

One of my goals in life in terms of raising my child is to make sure that she has the best memories that she can carry throughout her life.

Operation Santa’s Workshop is an amazing holiday experience for your family. We had the pleasure to attend a VIP preview last November 23rd.

We got there and we were greeted by one of Santa’s helper elves, Meera Cole (cause she’s such a miracle). I love the way she hyped up the kiddies and even the adults. It was such a great start to the experience. When we went inside the door, there’s a short hallway that’s lined up with a very festive candyland-type christmas decoration. It would be a nice place for photos but you have to take it quick so you won’t hold up the line.

Next up, we were brought in to a room where there’s two elves and a table where the kids can sit. You get to help them add different flavors to a concoction. It was fun seeing the kids trying to guess what flavor they were smelling and tasting.

The next room is one of my favorites. It’s a place where the kids can play with the unfinished toys and you can make your own ornaments. My little girl had a lot of fun coloring and placing stickers. And it’s a great hand-made ornament you can add to your tree!

We then go to the place where kids will have the opportunity to be rowdy and crazy. The play area where you can shoot arrows at trees and throw snowballs at each other. My husband had too much fun throwing snowballs at me. They have so much space to run around and use their energy.

Right after that, you get a whiff of freshly baked cookies. And it is heavenly. Who baked them? Why it’s Mrs. Claus of course. Handing out cookies and hot chocolate. This is another favorite room of mine. The kiddies get to decorate their own cookie and interact with each other. Also, Mrs. Claus has a special wish for each individual present. She almost made me tear up with her message.

And right before meeting Santa, you get to meet his reindeers first and get to see helper elves make reindeer food. While waiting, you can also write letters to Santa.

Of course, Santa’s Workshop won’t be complete without meeting Santa and taking pictures with him. There photo set up is just amazing. Everything looks perfect, even Santa looks so authentic. My little one wasn’t too happy with Santa though. But that makes the best memories in my opinion. It was definitely a magical experience.

Here are some photos from the event.

Operation Santa’s Workshop is open till December 24. It’s located in Tivoli Village at 420 S Rampart Blvd, suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89145 (North of Brio Restaurant in building 420).

Get your tickets from their Instagram page. Just click the link in their Bio.

Much love,

– Mina đź’•

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