Valencian Gold dining with the mom tribe

If you follow me on social media, then you know that I belong to a wonderful mom group who loves brunching. We call ourselves @abrunchofmoms.

We’ve been going all over Las Vegas trying out amazing instagram-worthy brunch places. Recently, we got invited to try out one of the newest restaurants to open in Las Vegas which is the Valencian Gold.

How did Valencian Gold come to be?

It started with two amazing chefs who travelled to Spain and fell in love with the culture of flavor. They decided to bring their love of paella and tapas back to the US with the idea of bringing “Paella to the People.”Valencian Gold is owned by chefs Paras Shah and Jeffrey Weiss. They conceptualized this restaurant to be like a fast-casual paella place, which is exactly what they have now.We loved meeting these two uber-nice and accommodating people. So glad we got to try out their delicious menu. Their paella is definitely the best I’ve ever had and really healthy.

Click on the photo to see our Mukbang video:

Watch me and my girls from @abrunchofmoms try out Valencian Gold. Look out for bloopers and fun times along the way!

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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