Trying out Stitch Fix: a review

I’ve always been a big fan of convenience. And with all the new-age apps these days, it’s been so easy to get clothing online. But instead of browsing through hundreds of clothes and spending hours on your phone or computer, wouldn’t it be easier to have a personal stylist choose your clothes for you?

I guess that’s what most people were thinking when they started companies like this where you would have a stylist pick out your items for you. And honestly the idea is very tempting, just answer a few questions regarding to what type of style you prefer and then having them mail a box of outfits for you to choose from. It’s definitely great for someone who doesn’t have the time to shop around.So I decided to try it out and see what the buzz was about. And here is my honest review of it. But first, let’s give a little bit of information about the company itself.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is the personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle. They curate clothing depending on your personalized style. With over a thousand stylists all over the U.S., they help you find perfect pieces that is suited to your taste, choosing from legit good brands all over.

How it works?

When you start, the website will ask you to take a style quiz which includes your budget, size, and style picks. It’s all pretty black and white. I like that they have a very wide range of style picks you can choose from. You can choose from laid back casual to active wear to business suits to formal wear. Then, once you finish with your quiz, you will pay $20 for the styling fee. After that, you get to schedule how often you would like for pieces to get delivered to you. You can either choose to do it automatically or on demand. Once you get the pieces, you can choose to keep it or send it back. A prepaid return envelope is included with your box. Basically you just need to pay for the pieces you keep. You have 3 days to decide if you want to keep or return anything.

My experience.

The website is really great. Everything was very easy to manage and straightforward. I love how there is no subscription and that you can your fixes any time you want, as well as canceling any time. There are no hidden fees whatsoever and I’ve never had a problem with random add-on payments (that a lot of websites have). I also adore that you can set-up a kids plan for your children. Just do the same steps as what you did for yourself. They also add massive discounts if you purchase everything in your box.Anyways, here are some photos of my haul.

Here’s how I styled the pieces I received. I like that they have a style guide. This makes it easier to look for pieces from your closet that would suit the ones you received.

Overall, using Stitch Fix was very efficient and convenient. The price of the pieces was what you would expect and the quality of the clothes are really good. However, I only kept on piece (the jumpsuit) since most of the pieces were just not my type. The good thing about that is they follow up right away, asking for a review and seeing if the style pick on your profile needs updating. It’s totally up to you if you like having a personal stylist choose outfits for you. It’s more of a trial and error since you just don’t know what pieces you’ll get.

For me, I’m good with online shopping on my own. I think this is more suitable for those who do not have the time to do it themselves.

Much love,

-Mina đź’•

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